Is Marketing Show Business, or Business?

By Mark Magic Eberra M.A.

It’s that time of year again, when the most creative minds in the advertising industry gather in Cannes to compete for the the best advertising film awards! Or simply put, the best commercial.

Marketing Executives will be right there rubbing shoulders with television celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and Julia Louise-Dreyfus.

But there is something strange about this mix of marketing and glitz which begs the question, is  marketing more about show business, or business?

I love to watch entertaining movies, and television shows, as much as the next person. And what any self respecting performer truly dreams of is having millions of people to pay to watch them. That’s why they call it show business!

But what about corporations? Should their marketing departments be more concerned about business or show business? After all, no one pays to watch commercials like they do for movies.

These companies manufacture soap, soup, cereal, and countless other products and services that consumers want and need everyday.

But l do not see many marketing leaders very excited about selling their company’s products the way they are about attending glitzy events like the Oscars, Cannes Lions Film Festival, and  Television Upfronts, complete with Hollywood stars on parade.

The real stars of the business world are a company’s goods and services. And those products don’t just need to be seen, they need to be sold.

What good does it do for business if your commercial wins at Cannes, or an Emmy and yet does not increase sales?

The CMO should be just as concerned about increasing sales as the CEO. This year the CEO of McDonald’s was criticized and eventually fired for sagging sales. Yet l did not read one criticism of anyone in marketing, let alone see the CMO fired for spending money on marketing and advertising that failed to increase sales.

The CMO of any company that does not produce sales should be equally accountable as the CEO. The CMO should be right there on that earnings call, along with the CEO, or CFO, explaining to investors the reason behind the success or failure of the sales of their products, not rubbing shoulders with celebrities at the next big gala.  After all it’s business, not show business.

At the 2015 Google DoubleClick Leadership Summitt, l listened to Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group wax on and on about pop star Rihanna, and the pink dress she wore at an awards event.

According to the SMG Chief, the firm represents big companies like P&G. To which my first thought was, shouldn’t you be talking about Crest toothpaste, and how many sales your marketing and advertising efforts generated for that product?

After all it’s the sales of the company’s products that pay the bills, not Rihanna, or any celebrity.

I believe the best way for the marketing world to reset it’s priorities is to insist on a guaranteed sales increase for every product advertised on any show or media.

It’s fine to sponsor the Grammys or Super Bowl,  or to win an advertising film award at Cannes, just make sure your company is making a profit on its marketing and advertising dollars. Or as l like to say, before you buy, get a GSI™ , (Guaranteed Sales Increase!)


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Magicneering™ Media Blog

MARK EBERRA Chairman of the Board, CEO, and Founder ONE BILLION LIVE Inc. Mark Eberra is an American Businessman, Entrepreneur, Educator, Author, and Inventor. In the early 1990’s, before the wide spread use of the Internet, before Facebook, Google or even a world wide web browser; Mark began his life long career as a pioneering Entrepreneur and launched the first email marketing company in the world. It all began while working on an interdisciplinary Ph.D involving neuroscience and adult learning. Mark wrote an article titled The Top Ten New Breakthroughs in Adult Learning for the 21st Century, and emailed it to what was then called an Internet List Serve on Education. With the success of his email marketing campaign he received worldwide fame and recognition, and requests from across the country, to speak and lecture from public and private organizations. Mark published his results and idea for the first Email Marketing Company on Usenet, the precursor to the World Wide Web. He later registered and to prepare for what he believed would be the commercialization of the Internet. He found himself in the position of an Internet Marketing guru, flooded with requests for more information from people around the world, seeking advice on online businesses, marketing and advertisement. Many of Mark’s former students became profitable after starting companies for bulk mass email and launching early websites for conducting business. As old academia clashed with the new wave of entrepreneurs over the future and use of the Internet in marketing, Mark formed D.E.M.M.A., The Direct Electronic Mail Marketers Association. This Association provided rules, ethics, and a vision for how the Internet could become a commercial enterprise. While working as a Professor of Computer Science, Mark watched with interest as the era emerged, and corporate giants such as AOL, Microsoft, and Google started to organize and dominate the Internet. The small niche email marketing industry Mark helped usher in soon gave way to the rise of large publicly traded Internet companies with billion dollar IPOs. Mark retired to write poetry and publish books about his own philosophy for living life, called Magicneering™, Living, Laughing, and Loving Life. The phrase, Live, Laugh and Love, took on a life of its own and became part of the global lexicon. He went on to write several children books, creating lovable characters such as Debbie the Laughing Dolphin, and producing shows for broadcast television. However, Mark never gave up his marketing pursuits. Relying on his computer expertise and drawing on his academic roots in brain science and neuro networks, Mark began work on the Holy Grail of advertising, Guaranteed Sales. Over a 10 year period, he secretly developed, tested and perfected a polymathic algorithm that would determine with 100 percent certainty the number of sales that would result from running an advertisement. Originally designed for television, he was able to expand the process to all forms of media. On January 22nd of 2015, nearly 25 years after Mark first introduced email marketing to the world, he published the GSI™ Guaranteed Sales Increase on his Magicneering™ Media blog. In keeping with his legacy of being an innovator and leader, Mark founded ONE BILLION LIVE Inc. (OBL), a Global Live Stream Broadcasting Network launching in 4th quarter 2016. ONE BILLION LIVE will be able to launch with a live audience of 1 Billion people. The network is the exclusive licensee of the GSI™ (Patent Pending) making it the only network in the world that can provide guaranteed sales increases to its advertisers. To contact Mark Eberra and get more info on OBL, go to WWW.ONEBILLIONLIVE.COM

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